Student Disability Services


The Disability Services office strives to ensure that qualified students with disabilities are provided equal access to all SMC programs and activities.  We achieve this by reducing barriers for students that impact learning by providing individual accommodations, assistive technology, and programming to students.  The Disability Services office supports faculty in the classroom and our colleagues across the college, striving for universal design and full inclusion to help create an informed college community that is equipped and able to address disability-related issues.





Student Disability Services Portal

Access the portal to renew accommodations, schedule to take a test/exam in the Disability Services office, verify accommodations &  fill out consent forms

Disability Services Department Student Support Programs

  • PREP: Early move-in program for incoming freshman & transfer students

    • PREP (Providing Resources for Educational Progress) is a transition program for students receiving accommodations through the SMC Disability Services office and who may benefit from extra support when starting school. 
    • The Fall 2024 program will be a 2-day program starting Tuesday 8/20 and allows students to move in early to get settled before the general student population moves in.  During the 2 days, students will attend presentations, an information session, and fun social activities to help get acclimated to SMC.  Space is limited to 20 students and the cost to participate in the program will be determined by April 2024. Interested incoming students for Fall 2024 can contact for more information.

      Feedback from a previous PREP Student: "On my first day on campus I was scared, nervous, and unprepared to move away from home. I was quiet and didn’t talk to many of the students in the program. My parents thought it would be an excellent way to transition into college but I was very unsure of the process. As a student in the program, I tried to absorb everything I was learning. My first semester came and I felt completely prepared and supported. From the first conversation with the SDS PREP team, I found my people who would become my family and the biggest support system on campus. I owe a great deal of my success and growth to the SDS department."

The Connect Program is designed to support neurodiverse students, with a concentration on students who are on the autism spectrum, stay connected on campus. 

  • All students who disclose they are on the autism spectrum are automatically qualified to participate and will receive information from the office to invite them to participate in programming
    • Students will have the opportunity to meet weekly with a one-on-one coach for support in executive functioning and support in identifying due dates and resources
    • Students can opt in to the Social Connect group, to participate in weekly social gatherings
    • Students can be placed in on-campus paid internships to start gaining work experience. 

There is no fee to participate in the program offerings.  Interested students can contact for more information.


Additional Resources

  • ASD Parent Resource Group
    • Started in September 2021, SDS invites parents of current SMC neurodiverse students to join our monthly resource group meetings to share resources and conversation.  Contact to be added to the invitation list.
  • Additional resources that college students on the autism spectrum & their families may want to explore 
    • The Frist Center for Autism and Innovation, through Vanderbilt University but resources and advocacy available to students from any college
    • College Autism Network: CAN is a national nonprofit organization linking varied stakeholders engaged in evidence-based efforts to improve access, experiences, and outcomes for college students with autism.
    • Autism Goes to College: A website and podcast series with tips for neurodiverse students attending college. Bonus: A current SMC student is highlighted in the podcase series!

Office Hours

The SDS office is open from Monday - Thursday from 8am-4:30pm and on Fridays from 8am-4pm. Please make appointments at least 1 business day in advance by emailing or calling (925) 631-4358. 


Office Location

We are located in Filippi Academic Hall/Kalmanovitz School of Education Building in Suite 190.  Our office is in-between Campus Student Recreation Center and Augustine Residence Hall and our door faces the outside, close to the corner of DeLaSalle Drive and Filippi Plaza Way.